Vegan in Madrid

Mary-Kate Lynch
June 26, 2018

Travelling to Spain, where jamón hangs from the walls of restaurants and seafood or meat paella is wildly popular, people have continuously asked me how I would sustain a vegan diet while living in Madrid for six weeks. The truth? It has been almost too easy.

Okay okay, can I go into any restaurant and ask for a vegan option? Not necessarily, unless I want toasted bread with vegetables and olive oil (which isn’t the worst option out there). But the amount of vegan restaurants, restaurants with vegan options, and grocery stores with vegan food is ridiculous. Your problem won’t be whether or not you can eat vegan in Madrid, it’ll be whether or not you can get through all of the vegan restaurants on your trip. After 6 weeks, I feel like I’ve only made a dent in them.

Distrito Vegano

Vegan burgers (how REAL does that bacon look?!), croquetas, cheesy potaoes and more! Make sure to finish with the warm brownie topped with ice cream!

Cafe Green Bakery

A variety of sandwiches, coffee, and even acai bowls!

Chillin' Cafe

BBQ bao, ice cream topped cupcakes, coffee, desserts, and you can get the menú del dia!

Level Veggie Bistro

This more upscale, fully vegan restaurant is right near Parque del Retiro and even has some raw options!

Ay Mi Madre

This pizza place has an entire vegan menu that even includes sandwiches and empanadas!


This fully gluten free bakery features vegan poke bowls, protein balls, and delish desserts. 


Featuring amazing falafel and vegan shawarmas. 

Bacoa Burger

This burger joint has a vegan menu and is right in Sol. 

B13 Bar

This fully vegan bar has bocadillos, chicken burgers, croquetas,  milkshakes, and cake! Bonus - it's well priced with big portions! This is a must when in Madrid. 

Viva Burger

(Not pictured: amazing vegan burger) This restaurant is known for having one of the best vegan burgers in Madrid and it did not disappoint. Recommended: bring a friend and share the Menú internacional and the Menú VivaBurger. 

Delish Vegan Doughnuts

I mean... I'll let the picture do the talking. 

Masa Madre

Sometimes restaurant lighting is, well, really rough. But this pizza did not disappoint. This restaurant is fully vegan and includes amazing pizzas and sharers - and, of course, dessert!

Bellamia Heladería

Not the best waffle I've ever had, but hey, a vegan waffle topped with chocolate gelato? I can't complain too much. 

...and this is just a taste of all the vegan food Madrid has to offer. 

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