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Jan 24 9:15am

Settling In

Post by Molly Ballenger

I’ve officially been in Dublin for two weeks, and it’s been a blur of exploring, meeting new friends, and trying lots of good food!!

Jan 23 10:13am

Making My Way to (and Around) Paris

Post by Julianna Caskie

Getting to France was a process to say the least. Currently, France is requiring a negative COVID test taken 24-48 hours before departure.

Jan 23 8:45am

My New Found Love of Tapas 

Post by Noa Solomon

Upon arrival to Spain I was very eager to immerse my things in all things Spanish cuisine. I would consider myself a food connoisseur.

Jan 22 6:30pm

Au Revoir: Tips From a Homestay Student

Post by Micah Doctolero

I’ve waited on purpose until the end of January to write this final blog post. It’s been five weeks since I left Nantes, France…that’s five weeks since the best semester of my life! 

Jan 22 4:59pm

Jesus In My Pocket, A First Mass Mishap

Post by Micah Doctolero

This blog post is simultaneously a culture, language, and religious commentary and comedy. Let’s just say that I’m definitely going to Catholic hell after what happened during my first mass.

Jan 21 2:06pm

¡Listo para Viajar!

Post by Harmon Perez

As I’m preparing for my flight tomorrow morning, I double-check my packing list then check my carry-on and check bag, which weighs 45 lbs! The weight limit is 50 lbs, so I barely meet the limit.