Market Hopping in Cape Town: A Breakdown

Mary Kaitlin Enright
April 25, 2020

Everybody loves a good market, and let me tell you, Cape Town is full of them! For everything from local restaurants, artisan trinkets and keepsakes, vintage and locally designed clothing, and more, the stalls of Cape Town markets are the place to go.

Take a look at this list of Cape Town market highlights for the fulfillment of all of your market-related cravings, which includes the details of their opening days of the week and hours as well!

Neighbourgoods Market at Old Biscuit Mill

Saturday mornings

Old Biscuit Mill is at the top of this list for a reason. Trust me, it’s a must-do. Make sure to go with an empty stomach though, because the food choices filling the stalls at this market are some of the best in Cape Town, and you will want more than one. Sample anything from tacos, to korean pork and rice, to mac ‘n cheese balls, to paella, to ice cream, to fresh-squeezed juices, to kombucha, to churros… need I say more? 

Once you’re filled to the brim, wander over to the other side of the market for a wide selection of handcrafted clothing and accessories from a number of local artisans and shops. Some of my best outfits and earrings were found at Old Biscuit Mill, with a stomach full of goodness beforehand. I cannot recommend it enough. 

Mojo Market

Everyday! (But with live music on weekends)

Alright, I know I already said this about Old Biscuit Mill, but I’m not lying when I say that Mojo Market is a must-go as well. With some of the best food options in Cape Town, Mojo Market is the perfect place to enjoy a snack, a meal, or just a couple of drinks. Because it is located in a poppin’ part of town, this trendy little joint works great as pre-shop lunch fuel, or as dinner after a long day of exploring, or even as a spot to wind down for a nightcap. 

Mojo Market has a little bit of everything, and is therefore the perfect place to go for group meals, especially when no one can decide just what food fits the mood. They have a stall to tickle everyone’s taste buds. Grab a table where you can all share your own personal choice meals, or go for a potluck style and try a little of everything, all while enjoying some live music on weekend evenings. 

Oranjezicht City Farm and Day Market

Wednesdays and Saturdays

Oranjezicht Market is definitely worth the trip for all the foodies out there. This market is lined with stalls with everything from fresh produce and vegetables, to fresh juices, to a whole array of local restaurants’ menu highlights. With its farm-to-table nature, this spot is perfect for anything from your health-conscious grocery shopping to a fantastically fresh meal. Open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, you can’t go wrong with anything at Oranjezicht, and there’s plenty of space with a beautiful view to enjoy it. 

V&A Watershed


The V&A Waterfront is home to so much, and I mean so much, shopping. Whether you choose to stick to the mall or wander over to the Watershed, you can’t go wrong. The Watershed is home to some of the best artisan trinkets in all of Cape Town, brought to life by Cape Town's very own designers. If you’re on the hunt for local craftsmanship and souvenirs for your family (or yourself—nothing wrong with that!), this is your spot. My only warning: you might have some trouble picking something because there is just so much stuff. 

A whole aisle of the V&A Watershed layout is also dedicated to local fashion, clothing, and accessories, and it is definitely worth the trip for those things too. I highly recommend stopping at Float Apparel and Mungo & Jemima—a few of my favorite Cape Town boutiques. 

V&A Food Market


Like I said, V&A has it all, and it doesn’t stop at the mall! The V&A Food Market, found not far from the Watershed, is a great spot where a whole bunch of local restaurants showcase their best menu items. Whether you’re just looking for a drink, a light snack, or a whole meal, the V&A Food Market is sure to tickle your fancy. Take your food to go and enjoy a walk around the Waterfront, it is truly a spectacular part of the city.

Bay Harbour Market at Hout Bay

Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays

Saving the best for last…. Perusing The Bay Harbour Market at Hout Bay is the perfect way to cap off your week with some ‘eats’, ‘beats,’ and ‘arts and crafts’ as they call it. With a great selection of Cape Town’s finest food spots filling the stalls, artisan craftsmen work for days, and arguably some of the best fashion and accessory shopping in the city, this is a must-do spot. 

And all the while, you can dance your way through the aisles listening to some of Cape Town’s local artists jazz the place up. The artists are on a rotating schedule, so make sure to keep track of who’s playing when on their website listed lineup.

And there you have it! You’re set for at least a week’s worth of market hopping, but trust me, you’ll be a regular at these spots before you know it. You just can’t help but go back! I think that I hit three (or maybe four?) trips to Mojo, two to V&A Watershed and V&A Food Market (they’re a double whammy!), and two veeerryyy long days wandering around Old Biscuit Mill. Dare you to top me!

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