From Cerro to 100 Real Quick

Marley Crank
August 5, 2015

El Cerro San Cristobal 

Hola amigos :) We went on our first real solo adventure (meaning without the guidance of our wonderful IES staff) this week--and it was AWESOME! Not only did it feel great to be able to navigate the city, but the place we went, El Cerro San Cristobal, was absolutely beautiful. Cerro in Spanish means hill. This "hill" is very close to our center of operations and hosts some of the most beautiful views of Santaigo and the Andes. We ended up hiking up the path that crisscrosses up the mountain and a few dogs joined us in our hike along the way. 

Once we made it to the top we enjoyed the views and our lunches (packed by our lovely host families).

Some of us even got to enjoy a mote con huesillos (a typical chilean drink with mote and pears)

this left us asking the question: ok, are we Chilean yet?

Now we are as excited as ever to start exploring more of Santiago, adventuring around Chile, and just learning as much as we can about this culture and way of life. 

Marley Crank

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