My Fall Break Travels: Prague/Praha

Maria Presper
November 13, 2017

This BEAUTIFUL cathedral is set just inside the palace walls of the Prague castle. I fell in love with it the minute that I saw the towers from the tramway. From far away, the building seems a lot more sinister and dark, but up close, when you can see each little detail, it's absolutely astounding.

This is only one of the many stained glass windows inside the cathedral, and it was my favorite. I couldn't get over how incredibly detailed and rich in color these windows were. It was pretty cloudy outside, but the windows were still bright with color! I can only imagine how beautiful they would be with the sun shining through...

Oh, Prague. When my friends and I were looking out over the city, there were so many different cool looking buildings that we couldn't decide what to explore next! 

This clock is the famous Prague clock, which was unfortunately under construction while we were there, but normally there are little figures that come out of the clock when it strikes the hour. Even without the figurines coming out at the hour, the clock is pretty darn cool on its own!

I think that we passed maybe ten Trdelnik shops before we finally caved and bought some. It smelled too good to pass up! It's basically baked dough that was wrapped around a steel pipe, so it's empty in the center, and filled with all the sugary things you can think of. We bought Nutella Trdelniks, but there were cinnamon and sugar, creme, chocolate... the list just goes on.

Old Town Prague was definitely my favorite spot in Prague. The buildings were all painted pastel colors, old architecture, and smooshed together. It was wonderful. It was also full of cute little boutiques, restaurants, and little touristy shops.

St. Charles Bridge was something that I heard so much about before coming to Prague, and I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't what I found. In a good way! The bridge was lined by statues of different saints and religious figures made from stone, copper, and gold. It was a very scenic bridge as well, so it was not only very pretty, but it offered great views as well.

But of course, we had to finish off the trip with some good, traditional Czech food. The Halušky (a mix of sauerkraut, ham, and potatoes) and Kobasa (Czech sausage) were our favorites. It was definitely good, warm food to have at the open air market... it was freezing!

Maria Presper

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