My Fall Break Travels: Galway Girls

Maria Presper
November 15, 2017

My final stop on Fall Break was Ireland! While I didn't play the fiddle in an Irish band, I was lucky enough to meet up with a friend from the States while I was there. We explored the Cliffs Moher, Galway City, and Dublin. 

The Cliffs of Moher was a place that I always dreamed about going to! I had heard about how beautiful it was and that it was just a magical place... I was not at all disappointed. I was able to walk right up next to the cliff drop-off, with no fence or anything, to really take in the full experience. I was even more excited to find out that some of my favorite movies including Harry Potter #6 and The Princess Bride were filmed there!!

Trinity College was a must-stop-at location while we were in Dublin. We were able to go into the famous library with the book of Kells, but unfortunately no pictures were allowed. I don't know how the students get any studying done on a campus so pretty and full of history to explore.

Speaking of history, the Dublin Museum of History was full of super cool artifacts. They had bodies that had been extremely well conserved in the Bog. They still had hair, fingernails, and skin! Kinda gross, but also really cool. 

The Dublin Museum of Art was our next stop on the museums tour. We found out at our hostel that all of the museums are free, but the cathedrals are not! The museums were a nice, interesting way to duck out of the cold for a little while...

Our final day in Ireland was bitter-sweet. It was beautiful weather, which made it that much harder to leave! There was so much more to explore, but vacation had to end at some point. 10/10 would go back!

Maria Presper

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