La Belle Vi(ll)e

Maria Presper
September 15, 2017
Castle of the Duke of Bretagne

After two weeks, I think that I'm beginning to replace the title of "Tourist/Student" and for the title of "Native/Student". At first, it was difficult hearing only French sun up to sun down, but now I'm more used to it and am actually surprised when I hear someone around me speak English. I'm excited when I can do something by myself, like a true local! While I feel more independent in my city, I still find beautiful places and monuments when I walk around the city of Nantes. It's full of surprises! I think that I might finally have the Parisian street layout down in my mind, with all of the winding streets that always seem to lead to a main square (actually a circle). Though, I'm still getting used to the fact that my church looks like a museum and the city apartments have views of castles. Only in Europe...

Maria Presper

<p style="margin-bottom:12.0pt">I'm a second year student at Loyola University Chicago studying French and Pre-Medicine. I love to read, travel, and draw in my free time.</p>

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