A Chronicle of the Parting of a Girl and Her Dog

Madison Qualy
June 1, 2015
...because she doesn't know just how soon I'm leaving

I never thought I would have the chance to study abroad, as division I athletes are rarely presented with this kind of opportunity. Swimming has always been my priority, so I never even considered it.  Yet here I am, leaving for Milan in 36 hours (still haven’t packed a thing- how uncharacteristic of me to procrastinate!).

I couldn't be more excited to get to Italy. I’ve been taking Italian for a few months now and have completely fallen in love with the language and culture from what I know of it so far. People keep asking me if I’m nervous to go abroad, and I guess I am. But mainly because I’ve never spent more than 5 days away from my dog, Pebbles, and she’s been glued to my side ever since I brought out my (still empty!) suitcase. She’s currently lying inside my suitcase- should I just bring her?

I know I will only be in Milan for a short period of time, so I’ve made a “Milan Bucket List” that I want to share:


1. Take in all there is to learn from the Expo Milano 2015

I am an environmental science major, so it is absolutely fantastic that Milan is hosting the Expo.  The theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” and the Expo seeks to promote sustainability with regard to architecture, technology, and human lifestyle choices.  I am thrilled that I will be in Milan to experience this inspiring and important event.


2. Have a (few) glass(es) of wine at N’Ombra de Vin

Wine is my spirit animal, and as such I plan to indulge. I’ve been told that N’Ombra de Vin is a do not miss because it serves as both a much needed escape from the high-energy atmosphere of Milan by day, and a bumpin’ place for a few hard earned libations by night.


3. See a soccer game at The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

I’ve never been to a professional soccer game and I’d love to see how it matches up to the Lady ‘Canes soccer games at Miami.


I’m sure the list will expand as I begin my journey, and I’ll keep y’all posted.

Milan- I’m ready for ya… but are you ready for me (and my caffeine addiction, my immensely overstuffed suitcases, my broken Italian, and potentially my dog- just kidding…)? 



Madi Q

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