Best Swimming Spots in Vienna

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Madeleine Sherry
July 8, 2023
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Coming from Bainbridge Island, Washington, I’ve grown up heading to the beach on every hot, summer day. I really wanted that habit to continue while abroad, but I didn’t know how successful I’d be at finding good places to go. Luckily enough, through the IES Abroad program, my internship supervisor, and friends doing some research, I was able to hit up quite a few good locations and thought it was only fair to share my findings! There are swimming spots in Vienna that are perfect for every type of vibe or activity, and I would say that you can’t really go wrong with any of these places.


  • If you take the U1 to Donauinsel and hop off the U-Bahn station, my favorite swimming spot awaits! There are lots of docks, grassy areas, and rocky beaches to enjoy on the trail that goes along the Donau. I’ve come here time and time again to swim, paddleboard, play cards, and basically just chill. This seems like the place that most teenagers/young adults go to swim, and it has a really good vibe overall. It’s always packed, but I’ve also always found an open place to relax at. This place is my ideal relaxation spot and I can never seem to get enough. If you’re looking for a casual place to hang out at for a few hours, maybe have a picnic or sunbathe, I would definitely recommend it here. So chill and nice!

Strandbad Gänsehäufel

  • This is the spot to be if you want a little of everything! They have pools, river access, volleyball courts and more. Though there is a fee, it’s nothing too expensive for all that you get access to during your time there. I thought this place was fun, but personally liked the vibes of the places along the Donau more since it was more family-oriented here in my opinion.

Pirates Cove

  • This place is on the other side of the Donau, and takes a little longer to get to compared to the Donauinsel spot, but it’s super fun. Though it takes longer, this place is more classically “beach” in my opinion. The sandy beaches, picnic benches, and family areas definitely differentiate this place from its counterpart across the river. I also enjoyed that there were gradual entry points into the water here, so you could walk in or just hang out along the beach as compared to the other side where pretty much every spot makes you jump in if you want to swim. 

Neuwaldegger Bad

  • This place was pretty cool! It took us approximately an hour to get here from downtown Vienna, but once we were in the pool, it was totally worth it. The cool water and lack of crowds really made this place stand out in my mind amongst the other Viennese swimming locations. Located up on a hill near the outskirts of Vienna, the main audience here was older people, and it ended up just being a small group of IES Abroad students occupying the whole pool as it seemed most people there were just enjoying the serene atmosphere.

I hope you enjoy these places as much as I have—happy swimming!

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Headshot of Madeleine Sherry.

Madeleine Sherry

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