The Beauty in Chefchaouen, Morocco

Jennifer Zhang
December 8, 2017

If you are an active user of social media, you have probably stumbled upon pictures of Chefchaouen, also known as the "Blue City," at some point. Morocco has always been a country on the top of my to-visit list, so I made sure to allot enough time to see this dreamy, picturesque city during my time there. We landed in Marrakech and spent a couple of days there before taking two trains and a bus to get to Chefchaouen, which took about 11 hours of travel time. When our bus first arrived in the Blue City, we were a little nervous because the houses were not as blue, if blue at all, as they seemed in pictures. I reassured myself and my companion by thinking and saying "Maybe we can't see the blue at night?".  But as we walked more towards the medina, where our hostel was located within, we started seeing the true beauty. It is safe to say we had an amazing time there - we did a guided hike up the hill and saw the entire city from above, explored the medina without haggling sellers, watched the sunset at Hotel Atlas, and experienced the walkable city on feet. Though we only spent two nights in Chefchaouen, and doing so gave us no time to explore Casablanca and only fly out of there, it was truly worth it. 

The rooftop set-up at our hostel inside the medina: 

Once the sun came out, we saw this from our rooftop at the hostel. What a VIEW! 

When I looked down from the rooftop, I saw several cats just soaking in vitamin D! 

Stopped to take a break during guided tour. You could see the abandoned Spanish mosque in the distance! 

Views on the way down the hill:

Our tour group went to this small restaurant called Kebab Star, which has AMAZING chicken wraps

Walking around the medina and looking at what the shops were selling 

Contrary to my initial worries, what they say about Chefchaouen is real - the streets are indeed blue'd out

My friend's a vegetarian and a picky eater, so this was his 3rd and 4th pizza in a 12-hour time frame!

ZAZA JUICE! Really not exaggerating when I say this is one of the best drinks I've had in my entire life. I discovered it on our last day in Chefchaouen, so naturally I had two of them in a 3-hour time span. 

Last Moroccan sunset 

View from Hotel Atlas

Jennifer Zhang

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