A Weekend in Annecy, France.

Lee Foden
November 13, 2016

After traveling from coast to coast of the Mediterranean Sea, including Barcelona, Santorini, the Almafi Caost, Rome and Nice, I decided I needed at least a long weekend to focus more on traditional French culture. I planned a trip to Annecy, France. I knew Annecy was a typical summer destination located on Lake Annecy, in the French Alps. Jumping to conclusions, I thought Annecy would be a quaint and quiet town in the middle of November. Instead, it will filled with people! I am unsure if Annecy was bustling due to the long weekend in France, or if it was because people saw and appreciated the same beauty that I did while staying in Annecy.

My travel companion (again, Olivia!) and I headed for Nice airport Friday morning. We flew to Geneva, where we bused to Annecy. It is kind of funny to think you have to go to Switzerland just to head back into France. Once we arrived in Annecy on Friday evening, we settled into our AirBnb. It was considerably colder in Annecy than it had been in Nice, so we bundled up in sweaters, scarves, and winter jackets and headed into Old Town for a delicious dinner. Annecy is known for their Savoyarde Cuisine. My (small) understanding of Savoyarde is that it comes from the “House of Savoy” which ruled the South Western area of France, where Annecy is located. Their cuisine focuses on meats and cheese created in the mountains. We enjoyed incredible charcuteries plates in addition to fondue and tartiflette. 

The weather in Nice has been so enjoyable, but it was a nice change of pace to visit an area that was beginning to accumulate snow in the mountains and fallen leaves on the ground. After our extensive lunch, when we polished off a deep pot of fondue, we walked around the lake. Boats were still in the water, but there was very little activity on the lake. We walked to an old cathedral that looked out over the lake. The entire experience was surreal. After some shopping, we returned to our AirBnb to regroup before dinner. We have been looking forward to trying the famous French raclette while in Annecy. After the tartiflette and fondue, we just couldn't stomach anymore cheese and carbohydrates. As delicious as everything tasted, it was time for some nutrients. Instead of raclette, we enjoyed pork and salad. 

We left Annecy early Sunday morning to catch our flight leaving Geneva at noon. The ride was wonderful and very scenic. Not used to the cold temperatures in Annecy and Geneva, we rewarded ourselves with a yummy, hot drink from Starbucks at the Geneva train station. Certainly nothing to do with French culture, but delicious nonetheless! We arrived back in Nice by 3pm, with plenty of time to prepare for our return to school on Monday. Annecy was an extremely pleasant, relaxing and beautiful place and I recommend it to everyone! Truthfully, I could see myself living there. A lake for summertime actives and close proximity to world class skiing in the winter. I will be back, Annecy!

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