Lee Foden
December 4, 2016

I had many expectations before my arrival in Nice, France. A lot of people thought I was crazy because I was willingly living in France following a string of terrorist attacks in Europe, especially France, and specifically Nice. Studying abroad is a once in a life time opportunity and I knew I couldn't give that up. I had no idea what living in France during a declared State of Emergency would be like. 

I flew from Boston to Munich to Nice. After landing in Munich, I was a little shocked to see soldiers walking around with large weapons in full camouflage. I figured a large airport, such as the Munich airport, was always on high demand and surely walking beside armed soldiers wouldn’t be a daily occurrence. 

The soldiers definitely did not fit in Nice. The palm trees, blue ski, and sun made Nice resemble a post card and it really surprised me to see armed men dressed completely ready for battle walking between typical tourists and beach goers. Looking back, I am thankful for these soldiers. I can’t say if they would have stopped the terrorist on the Promenade Des Anglais or not, but if another sick man would return to Nice, I feel a sense of safety with their presence. 

The remainder of this video shows different scenes of Nice and shows that rain or shine its a beautiful city to live in. I’m sad to think that I’m leaving this wonderful place soon, but I know I will be back!


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Lee Foden

<p>My name is Lee Foden and I am a journalism student at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Born in Maine, I love the ocean and am looking forward to spending my time by the Mediterranean next semester! I am taking a break from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and headed to the rocky beaches of Nice, France. Follow my blog to stay up to date with all of my European adventures!</p>

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