Markets in Freiburg: Munstermarkt and Wiehnachtsmarkt

Layne Garrelts
November 20, 2015

One of my very favorite things about Freiburg is the markets. All year long there is a daily market at the Münster called the Münstermarkt. There is tons of fresh produce, cheese, eggs, meat, bratwurst, tea and even little trinkets and toys.  It is always very lively and has a huge selection of great food. I loved to go there in place of a grocery store. There was also a tradition of walking over to get bratwurst for lunch. Some people even made it a weekly "Wieny Wednesday." Near Christmas, although the Christmas Markets pop up, the Munstermarkt sells its own version of Christmas goods. It sells a variety of wreaths and little christmas trees and plants. A friend of mine and I bought the tiniest Christmas trees to decorate our flats. (photos 1-5) 

Nearing Christmas, the famous Christmas Market comes and transforms the whole city. The Weihnachtsmarkt is something so special. There are tons of stands with all kinds of Christmas ornaments and gifts and many glühwein stands. There is also a good amount of food including flamkuchen (like a flatbread pizza) and spätzle (noodles). At night, when the whole thing is lit up and it is full of people of all ages is my favorite. (photos 6-9)

Layne Garrelts

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