It’s Paper-Writing Season

Lauren Fellows
June 28, 2013

It’s that time again: classes are coming to an end, professors are rushing to make sure you know everything you can, and papers are piling up. The only difference this time is that all five of my professors want me to write a paper and I’ve been in vacation mode since I got here. Or, rather, since school let out in December.

Needless to say, I have a stressful couple of weeks ahead of me, and I probably won’t be going anywhere exciting. All of my favorite dramas have ended, too, so I literally have no excuse not to be productive.

It seems strange to me that the program is almost over. These last few months have gone by in a rush of cherry blossom petals and irresponsible anime purchases. I’ve made so many great friends here, and I get a little sad whenever I remember that my time with them is limited. I’m lucky enough for the opportunity to continue exploring Japan for a little while after the program ends, so I’ll be here until at August (and I’ll be sure to post about my adventures, too). But Japan just won’t be the same without my friends in IES.

All cheesiness aside, it’s time to kick things into high gear and destroy these five papers. To tide you over until my next escapade, have some figure pictures that I’ve neglected to post–even though this blog was supposedly mostly for figures, whoops.

Kricketot peeks out in the garden Lancer among flowers; part of a series of pictures of Lancer with flowers Cobalion in the park I took a lot of pictures with my curtains when the sun was just right one afternoon I haven't taken nearly enough pictures of Yu since I've been here Trying filters to make each shot different. Little Simon at the beach! "Get in, mongrels, we're going to Disneyland." More Lancer and flowers Gilgamesh do you think we can't see you Masato stands pondering something in the kitchen Yosuke explores Makuhari!

Lauren Fellows

<p><span style="color: rgb(29, 29, 29); font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: normal; background-color: rgb(237, 237, 237);">Lauren Fellows is a Japanese major, geology minor studying at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. She hails from Boulder, Colorado, and is glad to be going to school in a place with both mountains and a water feature (the weather, however, leaves something to be desired). Lauren is a huge dork who loves drawing, watching anime, writing stories, and taking pictures of toys when she isn&rsquo;t spending long hours training to beat the Elite Four in the latest Pokémon game. She&rsquo;s ventured to a few places outside the United States, most notably France and Israel, but this is her first time in Japan and she is SUPER EXCITED. While in Japan she plans to make friends from near and far, experience anime culture in its natural habitat, and explore an urban jungle unlike anywhere she&#39;s ever been before. The adventure of a lifetime is just over the horizon!</span></p>

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