Morning Commute

Kristina Azevedo
January 31, 2016

Most people in America don’t enjoy their morning commute.  You are tired, in a rush, facing ridiculous amounts of traffic, and desperately need caffeine. Even when I walk to class every morning in Washington D.C. I am slightly grumpy despite being a self- proclaimed morning person.

Here in Siena though, I have come to realize that my morning commute is something to be enjoyed.  I leave my apartment around 8:30 every morning to get to the IES Abroad Center just outside the historic city center.  I pass through Piazza del Campo and take in its beauty every morning.  Even on a cloudy, rainy day it amazes me just how beautiful it is.  I remember just how lucky I am to be in Siena.  

Once I make my way to the main street, I can’t help but to enjoy my surroundings.  Men and women are on their way to work, students are walking with friends to the University of Siena, people walk their dogs and stop to talk to others on the street, and mothers push babies in strollers.  None of this seems out of the ordinary, but in Siena, it all has a different feeling.  You can’t help but to feel happy in the presence of all these local people.

On my way to the center, I stop for my morning espresso.  One of the first differences I noticed between America and Italy was that people don’t take their coffee to go in Italy.  People quickly stop in a cafe for an espresso and a pastry before they continue on to work.  Stopping for my daily espresso is one of my favorite parts of the day.  For just five minutes I can stop, enjoy what I am drinking, and reflect on my day ahead.  It’s a comforting ritual that I believe people in America should be willing to try.

After I finish my espresso I continue on to the IES Abroad Center.  Once I get outside the city center, right before I arrive at IES Abroad, I pass my favorite part of the commute.  Every morning I get a gorgeous, indescribable view of the city.  Even on a cloudy day, it is strikingly beautiful.  On a sunny day, when the sun hits the hill just right, the view is simply breathtaking.  This view reminds me just how lucky I really am to be here.  In a short time, I have realized that appreciating the little things, like a morning commute, really do make a difference in your day. 

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