Under the Tuscan Sun

Killian Gilvary
March 10, 2014

This weekend I was lucky enough to take a day trip to Tuscany and visit two wineries. The trip was possible thanks to Bus2Alps, they planned the whole day and provided transportation there and back. I will definitely be looking into their other trips for the remainder of the semester.

Our first stop was a winery in Montepulciano. We went on a tour of the cellar where they gave us a brief detailing on how they make their wines. Following the tour we got to taste four different types of wine, and they also gave us a selection of cheeses that complimented the flavors of the wine. I was literally living a dream, who doesn’t love wine and cheese? Once the tasting was finished we walked up to the Piazza Grande, which is where part of the movie, Twilight: New Moon, was filmed! It was the scene where Bella saves Edward because he thinks she is dead, and he is going to expose himself to the sun. I have no idea how she ran so fast to get him, because the walk up to the Piazza Grande was a steep one. After the sight seeing, my friends and I went to get some lunch at a nice Tuscan restaurant. I ended up getting a classic Italian item, the Margherita pizza. It was so yummy, and actually quite different from the pizza in Rome. As a table, we all got glasses of Rosso di Montepulciano, the red wine of the region.

The barrels at the winery in Montepulciano.

This is Chianti, which is the first wine we tasted.

This is the building that was in the Twilight movie, and if you noticed that there is no fountain that’s because Hollywood added one for the movie!

The delicious Rosso di Montepulciano wine.

Our second stop was a vineyard in Montalcino. If there is a place in this world that I would be okay with spending the rest of my life, Montalcino would be it. I have never been or seen anywhere prettier. I know I probably say that a lot in these posts, but Montalcino was breathtaking. When we arrived at the Altesino winery, we were given a tour of the cellar and then brought up to a beautiful tasting room where we sampled 3 wines. My personal favorite of the day was Altesino’s brunello wine, which they are know for. Of course I would like it the most, a single bottle was 60 euro! Needless to say I did not come home with a bottle of brunello!

The Altesino winery offered several different types of wine, brandy, and olive oil.

At the first winery, we didn’t have real glasses. So getting a nice big wine glass at Altesino was a treat.

The gorgeous view from Altesino.

I could spend all eternity looking out at that view.

Montalcino is perfect.

My trip to Tuscany was a memorable one, and it made me fall in love with a brand new city. I can only hope that one day I’ll be able to spend a portion of my life truly under the Tuscan sun.

Under the Tuscan sun.

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