Off to a Good Start

Kevin Kuo
May 28, 2014

Here I am, waiting at the airport terminal, excited for the journey ahead. I’m looking forward to the many adventures I’m sure to have during my two month stay in Santiago, Chile, but at the moment I remain here in Indiana, still anticipating but not quite experiencing the excitement. Nevertheless, my journey has already begun, and I can’t wait to see how it continues.

I suppose the  first adventure of this trip happened this morning as my sister who was driving took the car in the completely wrong direction, not noticing the mistake until a couple miles too far from the airport. Luckily, the issue was quickly resolved with just a couple of under-the-breath expletives and a turn off the next exit. Heading in the wrong direction presented a slight inconvenience, but it was certainly a memorable experience. Besides, going in the wrong direction and getting lost often leads to the best adventures.

As odd as it might sound, I’m definitely looking forward to getting lost in Chile as well. Getting lost may take up more time and may require some more effort, but it invariably leads to a different (and often more exciting) route. I’m excited to enjoy the journey and all of the obstacles it presents because each obstacle helps lead to a more fulfilling trip. Getting a little lost is the mark of a great expedition, so it looks like I’ve gone off to a good start!


Hasta luego,


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Kevin Kuo

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