We'll Always Have Paris

Kelly Crewse
June 12, 2016

My time in Paris can be described in one word: enchanting. Of course there are many more words and feelings I could use in attempt to convey my love for this city, but enchanting does a pretty good job of encompassing it all. Although I was busy, I was busy within the buzzing city. I was also tired, but tired from exciting days filled with new experiences. I was also wet from the rain, but who can complain about the beauty of Paris under the gleaming streetlights under a hazy night sky?

The last week of Paris, we moved on from the historical parts of the city and into the newer parts, keeping our course load chronologically correct with the timeline of Paris. Moving throughout different political situations - from the monarchies to the Napoleons and all of the numerous revolutions in between - to the evolution of social order and culture in the City of Light. It was so fascinating to see the different styles of art and the beautiful architecture that are intermingled and coexist within the city, creating a sense harmony between historical and modern.

As for me, I already feel different even after the first two weeks abroad. I'd always heard that studying abroad makes you grow as a person - it makes you stronger, more independent, and cultured. I'd always understood that I would be all of these things once I arrived back in the states after my summer in Europe, but I'm so pleased that I'm already noticing the changes while abroad. Though we've just arrived in Rome, I'm ready to take on the new language, the new culture, and the new history. Instead of feeling apprehensive (as I felt before leaving for Paris), I feel confident and prepared for this beautiful city.

I know no one can control the weather, and it's not the fault of Paris that we were waterlogged for a majority of our time there, but the warm weather and the picturesque clouds here in Rome make me so incredibly happy. Though I know that the other girls in the program will hear me complain quite a few times about the heat (this whole no-A/C deal is just a European thing I'll have to accept ...) I'm looking forward to the sunburns and the sundresses and the sunshine all the time.

On a last note, I'm so happy the Euro 2016 has started over here! I was never a sporty person, but the atmosphere of the football championships here is absolutely contagious. I was apprehensive at first about the crowds and the hype of it all, but now I'm ready to join in with the craziness and live like a European for these short few weeks. And since we're in Italy for a majority of the tournament -- Go Italy!!

Kelly Crewse

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