IES Abroad Vienna - we survived the first two weeks!

Kellie Hunn
January 27, 2017

Thanks to the wonderful IES Abroad staff and their incredible orientation, we have not only survived our first two weeks living in Vienna, but have thrived! During orientation, we were given crucial information about acclimating to daily life in a foreign city, while creating inseparable bonds with our fellow students. Orientation was the perfect balance of instruction and fun; on one of the last days, Helmut, an Austrian IES Abroad staff member, taught us all how to waltz in preparation for the Viennese ball season.

A few days after moving into our apartments in Vienna, we stopped by the district municipal office to register our housing address and information with the city. Each of us had a meeting with a municipal employee, confirming our information with our registration form and passport. The process didn't take too long and went very smoothly, but it was definitely a new experience!

Vienna is such a beautiful city, even in the dead of winter! The sun still shines on the incredible and ageless buildings, never failing to take your breath away.

First international side trip! One of my good friends, who is a musician, had an audition in Budapest last weekend. She invited us to make a weekend trip out of it, and we had an amazing time. Budapest, which is less than three hours away, has unbelievably tasty food and a remarkable history.

We died and went to heaven after tasting this traditional, Eastern European pastry, called kurtoskalacs. These sweet, fluffy, irresistable treats may have been the highlight of our trip.

On Saturday, Janurary 21, the entire globe came together to march for women's rights, human rights, and other causes. The march was the largest protest in United States history, with over 3 million people marching. However, the march took place on all seven continents, including every major city in Europe. We were fortuante enough to stumble upon the Women's March on the Chain Bridge in Budapest, and it was an honor to contribute to the global solidarity. Below, the protester's sign reads, "A woman's place is in the resistance." 

The group in front of St. Stephen's Basilica. We loved Budapest! 

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