Exam week

Kellie Hunn
March 27, 2017

For the last two weeks, IES Abroad students have been diligently studying for exams period. You would typically see many students scattered around the city, nose in textbooks in cafes while sipping on Viennese coffee. The city is truly a supportive place for students, providing quiet, comfortable nooks for one to hunker down for many hours at a time. I spent much of my time last week myself studying in cafes.

In addition to the countless options of cafes for studying, students also had the opportunity to study during the day at the IES Abroad Center in the first district. The center has a wonderful "quiet room" for students. 

The IES Abroad study room, just like the rest of the center, has incredible, extravagent decoration, like the palace it is! What could be more inspirational?

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee! I can never get enough!

I also spent many hours in the IES Abroad Center last week. You can't really beat the feel of community in the center, you know everyone is in the same boat as you!

Exams and the long weekend are now over, and everyone is motivated to start the second half of the semester stronger than ever. Bring it on!

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