Orientation in the Mountains of Mariazell

Katie Epner
September 29, 2014

What you see here is a re-cap video from our 3-day orientation in the Northern Styrian city of Mariazell. Here, we were acquainted with most everything that has to do with our program and beginning our experience in Vienna (I say ‘beginning’, because there was and is still much to learn, everyday while being here).

At first, the idea of being whisked away on buses as soon as everyone had arrived at the airport, to go to some town 2 hours outside of Vienna for orientation seemed a bit unorthodox. But in retrospect, I am so thankful for the experience; 128 of us were brought together amongst activities and information sessions that hyped-up the excitement for the adventure we had already embarked on. Another reason that I am so thankful for excursion to Mariazell, where we all stayed in the same Hostel and partook in the same activities, is that I wouldn’t have made half the friendships that I enjoy so much now; it’s difficult when you don’t have classes with a person or are on a different schedule all together, to the point where you never see them outside of set plans with that person. Without Mariazell, I believe I would feel lonely and shut out to the great people that I am now lucky enough to have relationships with.

So enjoy this video of the IES Abroad Vienna Fall 2014 group enjoying each other, and the impending hype of the adventures that await us in Vienna!

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Katie Epner

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