Almost 2 Months in Europe?!?!

Katie Epner
October 17, 2014

The last time I got to get to know a city was in 2012 when I began my college experience in Pittsburgh, PA. For some reason, perhaps being the ‘training’ I received while getting my bearings in Pitt, I feel an encouraging confidence in exploring Vienna.

And let me remind you that this is without smart-phone service, nor much grasp on the local language, being Deutsch (although my novice classes I’m taking with IES Abroad certainly help).

This video portrays just a sliver of all the exploration I’ve done in Vienna in just short of two months. The public transportation makes getting lost a breeze, because you’re never too far from an U-Bahn/S-Bahn/Strassenbahn/Bus -stop. On a nice day, I’ll pack my camera, some water, a snack, a book, my trusty map and let my longboard take me somewhere new to make memories.

What you see here is a compilation of events put on by both IES Abroad and the city of Vienna, as well as outings with friends from the program. I love making these videos because it gives each student a chance to give their friends and family back home an idea of the fun we’re having abroad. With each new video, more students are excited to get on film having fun, which is great for me. I love being an agent for fun-having!

While my posts here have been sparse, I have been journaling about every experience in fine detail, because I know that when I’m old and can’t even feed myself, reading about the facial hair on the cute guy sitting across from me outside the bar on the canal, that unseasonably nice night will no doubt stretch a smile from my wrinkles.

Enjoy the second installment of my IES Abroad Vienna Fall 2014 Video Blog(:

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