Katherine (Nina) Jones
February 27, 2014

This weekend, some friends and I went to Prague, which was really fun!

On Saturday, we did a lot of exploring. We walked from our hostel to the Old City, which was really cool to see and had a lot of character. The main square was full of people and there were a few performers and food stands. We got mulled wine and trdelník (all the consonants), which was a kind of flakey pastry on a stick with some cinnamon sugar situation on top and it was amazing.

Trdelík Stand.

After our delicious snack, we wandered over to the Charles Bridge. It was a beautiful day and the bridge has such a nice view.

Charles Bridge.

View of the river from the bridge.

We then got went to the John Lennon Wall, which was really cool and a lot smaller than we thought it would be.

This guy was the only performer in front of the wall and he was singing exclusively John Lennon songs. Prime street performer real estate.

After the John Lennon Wall, we walked up a series of stairs to the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. It was very overwhelming and Gothic.

We didn’t get inside, but the outside was very ornate.

On our way back to the hostel, we walked through the Old City again, and saw a parade of sorts for Carnaval.

I have no idea.

On Sunday we just walked around and explored a little because we had to catch a bus at 2:30.

It was awesome being able to just hop on a bus and go to an entirely different country for a weekend, and Prague was a great city to visit.


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Katherine (Nina) Jones

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