Ciao Bella- Milan, Here I Come!

Kara Davis
May 19, 2018

First things first, an introduction. I'm Kara, a senior at the University of Miami, and I will be interning abroad in Milan this summer. Although I'm a psychology major, my internship this summer is with a modeling agency. There's no way I could be in the fashion capital of the world and not be part of it! I know this will be an amazing experience, but I can't help but feel somewhat nervous. I have always wanted to visit Italy, but I don't know Italian. I'm sure the language barrier will be difficult to navigate at first, but I plan on practicing new phrases day by day. It will also be an experience finding my way around Italy using the metro. I chose to live an apartment for my program, so I've already mapped out the best routes from my apartment to my internship and to the IES Abroad Center. 

Besides fashion, one of my greatest loves is food! I can't wait to be eating authentic Italian cuisine. One of my favorite dishes to cook at home is cacio e pepe. Although it tastes delicious, I know eating pasta in its birthplace will taste much better. I've already picked out the first restaurant I'll be ordering pizza from, Spontini! I've read so many positive reviews about this place (and the pictures look scrumptious!!), so I'm ready to try it for myself.

While packing, I looked up the forecast for Milan: mainly hot and sunny the two months I'm there. I also asked my boss at the modeling agency I'll be interning with what the dress code will be. I've packed a lot of dresses, but also some pants and tops appropriate for the business casual dress code for my internship.  

Because of my internship and class schedules, I have a lot of time to explore Milan and places outside of Italy. I'm really excited to start planning weekend getaways with the new friends I make. During my first week in Milan, I plan on getting acclimated.  One of the great things about IES Abroad, is that the program you enroll in also offers program trips. My program will be going to Lago Maggiore and Cinque Terre. Participation in these trips is not required, but I want to soak up all that Italy has to offer!

It's almost time for the experience of a lifetime and I cannot wait! Soon, I'll be fully immersed in a new, beautiful culture surrounded by numerous historic sites. I'll be updating this blog with many of my adventures while there. Until then, ciao bella! 

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Kara Davis

<p>I'm a rising senior studying psychology at the University of Miami. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do so I am&nbsp;so excited to be studying abroad this summer. I've always been known to have a "passion for fashion," so being able to&nbsp;do a fashion internship in Milan is amazing!</p>

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