Becoming a Barcelona Liaison

Julia Plant
March 26, 2019

Around the half-way point of the semester, I had the amazing opportunity to show my family and my best friend around Barcelona. I will admit that I was slightly nervous at first. I had to become their liaison to the city—their experience was completely in my hands! Before their arrival, I planned out a list of all the crucial places I had to take them to in Barcelona. Not only that, but I picked out the best restaurants I’d experienced so far—making sure they got their fix of traditional foods here: pan con tomate, calçots, etc. During these visits, I spent the most consecutive time in Barcelona than I had for the whole semester—three straight weeks. It was incredible to get to know the city more and more. Walking the streets every day after class with my family revealed some authentic hidden coffee spots that I now go to after class. Laying out on the beach with my best friend made me realize that I need to take advantage of having a beach in my own city—something you definitely can appreciate as a Midwesterner. After getting slightly caught up in my classes until this point in the semester, becoming a tour guide for my family and friend opened my eyes to all that I should be appreciating here in Barcelona during my short time here. Here are some of the places I made sure to show my loved ones during their time here. 

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Julia Plant

<p>Julia is a junior at Miami University triple-majoring in journalism, media &amp; culture, and Spanish. She loves to read, write and spend time with friends in her free time. This past summer, she worked on a dude ranch in Colorado for three months. It was a life-changing experience that motivated her to study abroad.</p>

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