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Jules Katz
October 23, 2023

So, you're considering staying in a dorm, an apartment, or a homestay. Which choice do you choose? You're probably overthinking which option is the greatest, and I'm here to give you the honest answers): It may be a little biased because I live on the 10th floor in a dorm and am sharing my friends' thoughts and experiences, but hopefully, this list of pros and cons will help you make your final decision!

Milan Studio Apartment/Dorms


  • The majority of IES Abroad students will reside here, making socializing, group work, and going out easy! 
  • Having your own space to relax in when adjusting to a new setting is extremely beneficial.
  • Comes with a private kitchen, bathroom, desk, and table. The room also includes cooking basics such as pots, pans, bowls, plates, glasses, silverware, and so on.
  • Cleaning services are available at IES Abroad Milan…need I say more?
    • This includes garbage removal, change of your towel & linens, and cleaning of the bathroom, floor, and counter surfaces.
  • Central location so you’ll have an easy commute using public transportation.
  • Common spaces are nice and clean.
    • Includes a gym, a cinema, a game area, a laundry facility, and study rooms!


  • Living alone in a new place can be isolating at times.
    • However, there are floor events in the first few weeks, so you can get to know people on your floor.
  • Pay an additional $1500 charge
  • Guest policy is strictly imposed. Guests from outside of Aparto are allowed till 7 p.m.
  • There is no meal plan, so you must cook...unless you eat out every night.
  • Must pay for laundry.

Milan Apartments

Pros and cons, depending on who you are and how you look at it!

  • "Family style," with 4-8 other IES Abroad students living with you.
  • There are always people to come home to.
  • Sharing your kitchen and your living space.
    • I've heard that cooking can sometimes be cramped and difficult. 
  • Could live in a single or double room.
  • More affordable (prices might range from $750 to free)
  • Because fewer students will be in your building, it may be more challenging to mingle and work with other program/dorm students.



  • Living with an Italian family provides a cultural insight.
  • Saving money on groceries with home-cooked meals.
  • Most cost-efficient option.
  • Family support system—have people to come home to who genuinely care!
    • They are able to show you around the city and the greatest local spots. 
  • You are more likely to become fluent in Italian since you will be exposed to it.
  • In-home washing machine.


  • Reduced privacy, making you feel like a guest in the house. 
    • Living with someone else's family can be challenging since you don't fully feel at home.
  • Sharing household responsibilities and chores.
    • (Depending on the family) could have parental rules or restrictions.
  • Farther commute to classes and anyone who lives in the dorms/apartments.
  • You may feel more isolated from the people in your program.
    • However, you will have other homestay students in the same situation!
    • Everyone has classes together so you’ll be able to meet friends. 

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