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Feb 14 9:43am

Step 2. Write about what happened and tie it back to the IES Abroad program somehow to justify writing the blog in the first place.

by Omar

In the shallow stream, the tadpoles danced around my bare feet. These little amphibians moved predictably, reacting to the quake of my undulations. Sitting there on a rock, I looked out at our steep elevation gain.

Feb 14 7:23am

Somewhere in Stockholm

by Ruzbeh

One of the things that I wanted to do in college was study abroad. The one question that I needed to figure out was where exactly I wanted to go. I remember hearing people talking about wanting to study in Spain, England, France, and Italy.

Feb 14 3:29am

What Are the Academics Really Like?

by Jackie

Before I left for my trip, I had no idea what the academic course load was going to be like in Rome.

Feb 13 3:51am

Reality: A Gentle Slap in the Face

by Jeremy

            It has been a while since I was an outsider. When I arrived in Cape Town, I was accompanied by three other students from my college.

Feb 12 8:10pm

16 Things I've Learned in Mainland Ecuador

by Katie

As I write this, tomorrow I’ll be getting on a plane to the Galápagos Islands where I’ll be living for the next two months.

Feb 11 5:43pm

Cultivating a Life I Love

by Julia

IES Abroad recently sent out an email to us bloggers which included an optional prompt proposing that we write a post as an homage to Valentine’s Day reflecting on our experiences abroad thus far and how they are playing into the notion of “living a life we love.” Since I think it’s a worthwhile