Shallstadt! A Natural Gem

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Johannes Ong
April 17, 2024

So, what is so appealing about Shallstadt? Everything! Having the chance to visit quite a few times, we learn something new every time. First off, how did we discover this charming little town? Running! Both of us are avid runners and had the opportunity to explore the town through training for the Freiburg marathon. As we move from Stuhlinger to St. Georgen, and then finally to Schallstadt, we will take you through our journey.


The Countryside

Right as you move between St. Georgen and Shallstadt, you are greeted with a stark change from the quasi-urban environment of Freiburg. Buildings fade and greenery envelops the surroundings. On one side you have the vineyards of local wineries and on the right the vast farmlands stretching for miles. You will be greeted with “farming smells” (some love it, some don't). Another classic item we pass by is the iconic produce vending machine. Since the grocery stores here in Germany are closed on Sundays, these lifesavers stay open in case you cant make it to the store. Beyond the farms and the vending machine, you will arrive in Shallstadt.



Upon arrival from Freiburg, there is a sign letting you know have arrived. Immediately this charming little folk town will fill your view. This traditional European town is everything the heart desires. Aside from the town, you can gaze out from the vineyards you can take in views that stretch from Tuniberg to Kaiserstuhl. Whether witnessing the sun setting over the Rhine plain or strolling through forests, cornfields and verdant meadows, or indulging in hospitality at historic eateries and ostrich farms—Schallstadt offers a haven for relaxation. The unique "Stapfelhäuser" with the stepped facades adds some charm to the architecture. Our noteworthy landmarks include the Zapfenhof in Wolfenweiler Mengen village churches elegant spire, Schallstadts Gothic former town hall, a charming sundial at "Black Knight" inn and a majestic gold griffin embellishing the "Ochsen" gable. All beautiful sites that have had the pleasure of jogging past. 

Markgräflerland is abuzz with progress. It is showcased by additions like the community and cultural center opening up doors for activities The people of the community deeply respect Martin Waldseemüller, who hails from Wolfenweiler. On April 25 1507 he unveiled a woodcut world map, in St. Dié, Lorraine where he first used the name "America" for the discovered continent. To honor this contribution a special postage stamp has been. A street named "Waldseemüller Straße" has been dedicated to commemorate this historic achievement, in cartography.


Our Experience

Learning more about the town we have passed by has been a pleasure. What it means to us is more than just a beautiful town with good wine and better views. Living abroad, not many can say that they have nature like this in their backyard. Personally, the hustle and bustle of everyday life can take a toll on your mind and body. Escaping to nature is one of my favorite ways to reset and reflect. That being said, if you have the chance to visit Shallstadt please do you wont forget it!

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