Coming to the Tuscan Heart - Volterra

Jiaqi Luo
December 1, 2015
Color of Volterra

Draped over the rising hillsides in central Tuscany,  Volterra is a stone-clad town topped with gorgeous medieval towers, and littered with winding alleyways where swinging washing lines give way to blooming hanging baskets of rose flowers. Thanks to its high-perched position over the rolling plains, sweeping panoramas of Central Italy are available from most all of the flagstone-covered "piazzas". 

Last weekend, I revisited Pisa to see my Italian friend Gabriele and we decided to make a road trip to Volterra. After the sudden train strike and bus delay, we finally made it to the Etruscan hill town in late afternoon. The moment we stood by the panoramic view point overlooking the Roman theater, all efforts seemed worthwhile.

Volterra is a particular town built and razed by the Romans, the grand Tuscan dukes and the formidable Medici family alike. Its historic centre plays host to ubiquitous basilicas, cobblestone streets, cred-tiled roofs, while its sporadic piazzas filled with the scent of intensively-flavored olive oils sourced straight from the hills. Hope my photos of Volterra could give you a hint of the town's irresistible, timelessly charm.

Jiaqi Luo

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