Castiglione del Lago

Jessica Heymach
March 9, 2015

Saturday we went to Castiglione del Lago on Lake Trasimeno. The train ride though the Tuscan countryside into Umbria was spectacular. Every time you'd look out the window there was something to see, from the farms with sheep, to little towns tucked away in the rolling hills. We had a quick stop in Chiusi where we had just enough time to explore their little street market and grab a quick lunch from one of the fresh food stands. Another short train ride and we were there. Lago Trasimeno was stunning especially with the blue sky reflecting off the water and the medieval fortress and the city looking out over the lake. After taking a ton of pictures we made our way up and entered Castiglione del Lago. We went into the Church of Santa Maria Maddelena and explored a little bit before heading to the fortress. Scattered around the city there were these very cute little statuettes sitting on windowsills. After seeing the fortress we had a very nice merenda of wine, cheese and a chocolate mousse desert. Right before heading back to the train station we managed to watch the sunset on the lake.

Jessica Heymach

<p>Jessica Heymach is a junior at Lehigh University with a double major in International Relations and Sociology and Anthropology. She cannot be happier to be studying abroad in Siena, Italy this spring. Jessica is from Long Island, New York and loves adventures, whether it is hiking in the Adirondacks or scuba diving in Maui. She has a passion for photography and art. Traveling has always been her dream, and she cannot wait to explore and experience as many cultures as possible.</p>

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