ITALY in 6 Days

Jenny Koo
September 16, 2016

For the 3rd week of September, me and two other girls that I had met through IES Abroad went on a 6 day Italy trip.  We were staying in Venice for 2 days and the remainging 4 days Florence.  During the last day at Florence, we made a quick stop to Pisa as well. (It was only an hour away AND less than 20$!)  Because we traveled to Italy during the Summer, we survived the nights with the mosquitos.  In the pictures below, you will see our battle scars. *It was a nightmare.  

Venice was beautiful.  It was as if I was on a different galaxy and time had stopped. The roads were very narrow and you crossed a bridge every 2 minutes.  *It was so beautiful. 
Florence was very different from Venice, but still stunning in its own way.  To be honest, the 40 mosquito bites I had did interfere with my experience in Florence but now I have an awesome story to tell. We got to see the famous David Statue by Michelangelo and went up a hill and few stairs to Piazzale Michelangelo to enjoy the panoramic view of the city.  *I recommend.  Just walking around the city is the best way to immerse yourself into the city in my opinion.  Unlike Paris or Pisa, you don’t have a specific monument you have to go see in Florence.  Just the city itself is attractive enough!

Food Recommendations
Gusta Pizza (Heart-shaped pizza)
*GO GET IT.  Not only really good pizza but inexpensive and quick.

Liberia Brac (Healthier Choice)
*It is very filling.  The place is gorgeous and the food is very healthy!

ZaZa Restaurant (Pretty Fancy)
*The service here is amazing.  The pasta and steak are most famous.  The water is free!


*you will cross a bridge everytime!


*Going up the hill to see the city's view

*our battlescars were REAL.  (S/O to Mai for being the leg model)

*Gusta Pizza (You need to ask for a heart shaped pizza)

*The David 


*Passeggiata sulle mura di Pisa

*Leaning tower of pisa

*Inside of Liberia Brac

*The food comes in very large portions! 


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