First Weekend Trip: Budapest, Hungary

Jenny Koo
September 9, 2016

The next thing I knew, I was booking my bus ticket for my first weekend trip to Budapest, Hungary.  One of the perks of studying in Austria is that it's located in central Europe which makes all the traveling much more convenient.  With Budapest only a 3 hour bus ride away, it seemed like the perfect first trip to me.  We weren't expecting a whole lot of chultural shift becasue of the short bus ride there but as soon as we got there, the difference was very real.  Getting on the train/subway was a very new experience. *Wow, this place is very very old.  
We booked an airbnb for $8.50/night per person and it was in this "bunker" near the every so comforting McDonalds. *So basically, perfect.

*McDonalds is everywhere

*our airbnb bunker

The next morning we went to get breakfast at "Csendesiars" and it was AMAZING.  For everyone traveling to Budapest, please try this place out and try the yogurt w/ fruits because it's heaven.  The cafe had a beautiful park right infront of it for a nice view to enjoy as well. 

*the yogurt is in the right corner in the cup 

*the beautiful park in front of the cafe

One of the iconic bridges in Budapest, the Liberty Birdge.  The view was incridible. 

The richness in history and culture was one of the reasons why I wanted to visit this city.  Seeing the "Shoes on the Danube Bank" memorial created for the Jews who were killed during the World War II. 

*You can find flowers near the shoes brought by visitors

Going to Budapest, we had to go to Parliment.  The Parliment of Hungary is the world's third largest Parliment building. It is over a 100 years old!

*Entrance to Parliment 

One of the reasons why people come to Budapest is to expeirence the beautiful Bath houses. The one we got to experience was the largest medicinal bath in all of Europe, The Sźechenyi Medicinal Bath.  *We all felt like we were a princess swimming inside a castle. 

*Budapest Thermal Bath 

One thing I would give advice on is to watch out for taxis because THEY WILL scam you.  Overall, everything about Budapest was very memorable.  To the small bunker that 9 of shared, to the struggle of finding out how to use the public transportation, and to the amazing views we got to see, I loved the city of Budapest.  If you are traveling to Budapest, go see the Shoes on the Danube Bank, parliment, and one of the amazing baths they have!


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