Week Four

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Jamie Quinn
June 25, 2024
A narrow coastal path winds along a cliff edge, bordered by a fence and wildflowers. To the right, it overlooks a calm blue sea under a clear sky, with a hilly landscape on the left.

Monday, June 17 

On Monday, we got our first run of the show in our performance space, the Smock Alley Theatre. I was super excited to be able to see the space. It’s close to Gaiety School of Acting (GSA) HQ so it’s within walking distance of my apartment. It was my first time seeing a full run of the show. It’s really coming together! We open next week.  

That evening, I wanted to go out and see a bit more of Dublin because I had been gone last weekend. Time here seems to go so slowly (in a good way!). Days seem so long, so being out of Dublin for just two days felt like a week. I went to Trinity College and started a new book I had bought from a local bookstore earlier. I spent about an hour and a half there before heading back to my apartment because of the cold. 


Tuesday, June 18 

We were back in our rehearsal space on Tuesday. We did a dress rehearsal, making sure the costumes looked and worked the way we wanted them to. I spent the evening much like the one before; I went to Phoenix Park. I didn’t see any deer or other animals besides the obligatory seagulls and pigeons, but I didn’t explore too much around the park. I found a spot by the pond and read more.  


Wednesday, June 19 

Wednesday was a lot of the same as the day before at work. We’re doing runs of the show and working on tough spots. They ran late, but I had to leave on time to get dinner and make it to class on time. Class this week felt like it went super quickly. We talked mainly about the economics in Ireland, after spending some time talking with other interns about our internships so far. We also talked a bit about the history of Ireland. After class, I spent my evening catching up on my blog and some other paperwork I needed to do for work and school. I also started planning my next trips for July. 


Thursday, June 20  

Thursday was our last day in the rehearsal space before moving the show to Smock. The costumes and props had been moved the day before, and I was meant to go to help set up, but we ran out of time. Tomorrow is our first day of tech rehearsals at the theatre. We only have about three days of tech. I’m not used to having such short tech, but this is also a very different show than what I’m used to. The actors and crew all seem very well prepared so I’m sure we won’t have any huge problems with having a short tech.  

Thursday night I was planning on going out with my roommates. One of them got a piercing the week before and it got badly infected. She had it taken out earlier in the day, but the swelling and the pain was only getting worse. We decided to go to the hospital, even if just to make sure that there were no bigger problems. We left around 10:30 p.m. for the hospital and got in the queue to see a doctor around 11 p.m. But the queue was 40 people long, it would be hours before we could see a doctor or nurse. At that point we called the IES Abroad emergency number on her phone, but they didn’t answer. We left a message and waited about 15 minutes before calling them on my phone. That time, we got an answer. We were told to call another number, which would connect us to a nurse who would give us the advice we’re looking for. The same thing happened again - We called on her phone and got no answer. We called back later on my phone and got connected. By that time, it was about midnight. We got an appointment for 12:40 a.m. at another hospital, grabbed an Uber and headed that way. The appointment lasted for maybe five minutes. She got antibiotics and treatment, and we were home by 1:30 a.m.


Friday, June 21 

I woke up with a set plan for the day. I was going to get breakfast, go to a library, do some work, planning, and more reading. Then, I would head back to my apartment, eat dinner, and head to work. I don’t normally work on Fridays, but because the show opens so soon, I need to be there this evening. But disaster struck. I realized I had forgotten my credit card at Tesco yesterday, so I had to go fetch it. I got it back and was on my way to the library when a bird pooped directly on my head and backpack. I turned right back around and went home to shower. It started raining when I was finally ready to go back out. I decided to go anyways, but when I got to the library, it was closed! I accepted defeat and went back to my apartment to do my work. I barely had any time to get anything done, but I booked tickets and a hostel in London for a weekend in July! I didn’t have much time to spare, so I went right to work. At the theatre, we spent the evening stopping and starting the show to work through lighting and sound cues, as well as working around the finalized set. The show looks great! I can’t be here for all the performances, so I don’t have a proper position during the run of the show, but I’m backstage to be there if anyone needs anything. We got out of tech early (which has never happened to me before)! I went home and was able to talk to one of my friends back home for a while. It’s always good to catch up. I’m trying my absolute best to keep in touch with everyone, but it’s impossible. Luckily, they’re all very understanding and are just happy to hear from me and connect when we can.  


Saturday, June 22 

I had a big plan for today as well (it went a lot better than yesterday). I started the day going to the farmer’s market at St. Anne’s. It reminded me of a farmer’s market back home, just smaller. I got some strawberry jam and another ring! It's gold, with a purple gem. After the farmer’s market, it was time for something I’ve been looking forward to for months. My parents are in New York City this week, and we were able to meet up to see each other at the portal! It was such a fun treat to be able to see them. It was easily the highlight of my week. I’m really missing them, especially with my birthday coming up soon.  

After the portal, I headed over to the National Gallery to see some artwork. I’m not normally big on art museums, but I think it’s a very important part of the culture to go see the artwork. But I had such a good time strolling around, I stayed until they closed. I could’ve stayed for hours longer. I think I’ll have to go back soon. I headed back to my apartment for dinner, then went to the Gate Theatre to see a play called Circle Mirror Transformation. I went to see it specifically because Missouri State produced it this last spring, and I thought it would be super interesting to see how different the productions were (as it always is). The design was well done, but I didn’t love all creative choices made. It was just personal preference, but they played one of the characters very differently than I would’ve expected or preferred. But I’m glad I went, and I think the experience was incredibly beneficial. 


Sunday, June 23 

I went to church on Sunday and headed to lunch with a Missouri State alum who lives in Dublin. She graduated from the same program as me, and we got connected through a professor I had last semester. We grabbed lunch and talked for a while. I appreciated the chance to talk to someone who understands what it’s like to be here from Missouri State. 

I decided to do the Bray to Greystones hike that afternoon. I’ve heard so much about it the whole time I’ve been here! It’s a costal hike between two coastal cities. I thought it was closed, but I met a local that said it was open, you just had to hop a fence or two along the way. I had also heard that there was a side hike that you could take at Bray to get to a mountaintop and see the town. So, I decided to start at Greystones so I could end at the mountaintop. But the hike is meant to start at Bray, so there’s no clear marker of where the trail starts in Greystones. My phone had also been dying, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it back to Dublin if it died. But I managed to find my way onto the trail and really enjoyed the hike! About halfway through I met a local named Kyle whose phone had died, and he’d lost his wallet as well. We finished the hike together, (we didn’t find his wallet though) and he knew the area well enough to take me to the mountaintop near Bray. I was glad he did because I would’ve gotten lost. We almost did anyways. He also showed me to the bus station. I was thankful I had run into him because otherwise my phone would’ve died, and I’d have gotten lost. I came back to my apartment exhausted and got ready for the week ahead of me. Next weekend is my birthday, our show opening, and the field trip to Northern Ireland! 

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