Like to Ski? Granada has that too!

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Jaden Ferraro
May 31, 2023
Skier on the mountain

When you think of Spain, you might think of its beautiful beaches, bustling cities, delicious tapas and… skiing?!?!? Studying in Granada, you can have every single one of those. Granada sits right alongside the Sierra Nevada mountains, where you have access to the southernmost ski resort in Europe. 

The first time my friends and I headed up to the Sierra Nevada, we actually didn’t get to ski. None of us being huge planners, we didn’t check the ski conditions and the mountain ended up being closed for high winds. Nevertheless, we enjoyed a lovely day lounging and walking around at the base of the mountain, soaking up the sun, snow and gorgeous views. After our first fun but ski-less day on the mountain, we decided to give it another go. This time we had a fantastic day of skiing. Sierra Nevada is a great mountain for intermediate and beginner skiers, with most of the runs being the equivalent of a US blue square, and a couple that are a bit more advanced. That said, I would highly recommend anyone who enjoys skiing or snowboarding to go check it out. It’s a great way to enjoy nature that sits right in Granada’s backyard while spending time with friends.

So what does a ski day at the Sierra Nevada look like? Here's a rough outline of our day, including costs to help you budget and resources to help you plan an absolutely epic Granada ski day!!

8:00 - Take bus from Granada Estación de Autobús to Sierra Nevada. 

  • We used the app Omio to find and buy our tickets, which were €9 round trip. We also had success taking a BlaBlaCar on our first trip.

9:00 - Breakfast at Sierra Nevada. 

  • We found a café we loved called La Croissanteria, and went back for more on our second trip. A delicious breakfast crepe and pastry was €11.

10:00 - On the mountain skiing!

  • We used a groupon to rent gear from Masski Sierra Nevada for €13 each (helmet, boots, poles, skis). We bought our lift tickets in advance from the Sierra Nevada website - €65.

1:30 - Time for lunch.

  • We got some delicious pizza and salad. About €12 each.

2:30 - Back on the slopes!

  • It was sunny most of the day, but now the clouds are coming out so it's getting a tiny bit icy. We are still having such a blast!

5:00 - Lifts are closed. 

  • We went back down for some Cola Cao (Spanish hot chocolate). €3.

6:30- Bus home from Sierra Nevada back to Granada.

  • Everyone slept really well after a long day on the mountain!


All in all, we spent about €113 each on the ski day. It’s a lot of money, but given that a lift ticket alone can be almost twice that at some ski mountains in California it doesn’t seem so bad. If you like to ski or snowboard, Granada’s close proximity to the Sierra Nevada is just another reason to come study abroad!

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Headshot of Jaden Ferraro.

Jaden Ferraro

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