Granada, Where “Calle” is a Way of Life

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Jaden Ferraro
June 7, 2023
The view from San Miguel Alto in Granada

Upon moving to Granada way back in January, we all quickly learned about a key concept: calle which just means street. Going out and spending time in the street is a huge pastime here in southern Spain, and I’ve even heard people describe the streets as the living room of granadinos. I’ve never before lived somewhere where the streets are so bustling and full of life. 

One way to enjoy the street is with a paseo or walk. All people, young and old, families and friends, can be seen taking walks through the city throughout the day, but especially in the evening after work and school finish. 

Beyond going for strolls through the city, going out can mean going out for tapas with friends, to watch live music, to dance or to enjoy an ice cream in one of Granada’s numerous plazas. I asked a few of my friends their favorite places to go when they leave their cozy residence halls and homestays and go out into the vibrant streets of Granada. 

Louise: My favorite place to go on a weeknight for tapas with a friend is La Goma. Really good vegan tapas. You don’t get to choose what tapa you get but I’ve always gotten a good one. It’s also a good way to get vegetables in a country that doesn’t necessarily specialize in vegetables. It can get busy so get there early if you want to get a table but it’s always a good time.

Fifi: My favorite place to go is the mirador (view spot) San Miguel Alto. It was a tradition that every Thursday I would go and have a picnic with Cristina and Maggie.  

Annabelle: I would have to go with campus Cartuja for soccer. I just love the memories I have there because it’s always good vibes,  how there’s so many people playing soccer on so many different fields, and there’s also always a gorgeous view of the sunset.

Peter: I love to go to Ruido Rosa. It’s a bar you’d start the night off at, but usually always has a DJ spinning some good tunes. And for dancing Planta Baja!

Muskaan: One of my favorite spots in Granada is el Carmen de los Mártires because it’s a vast green space which contrasts the city of Granada. Everyone knows about the peacock sighting there but there are also so many frogs that are protected from the threat of climate change in the garden! It’s a bit of a hike as it is a part of the Alhambra but it’s so worth it to see the native plants of the Mediterranean climate and it has a view of the city that can’t be seen from anywhere else!

Me: Personally, when I hit the calle my favorite place to go is Los Italianos, the beloved gelato shop on Gran Via. Some weeks I go almost every day, and I’ve tried every single flavor on the menú! 

As you can see, there's so much variety in the places we love to go! Something I love about Granada is you really can’t run out of things to do. In over four months here I’ve only been to a fraction of the tapas bars, dancing spots, interesting neighborhoods and shops. And as I get closer and closer to heading home, I know that one thing I’ll miss about Granada is seeing everyone out in the calle

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Headshot of Jaden Ferraro.

Jaden Ferraro

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