How to get acclimated to a new city in 15 images

Jaagrit Randhawa
September 27, 2018

Here are some easy ways to really get to know a new city in a matter of few weeks and start feeling at home in a new country:

Get to know the city and the map of your new city so you recognize the new names

Heartily enjoy your first meal in the new place

Enjoy the views from your bedroom and get to know the city-scape

Participate in the orientation activities and
share all that you know and learn about the new city and culture

Try the local food like an 'Empanada' to understand the flavors of the new city

Don't forget about the desserts while you're trying the new flavors

Visit the supermarket and do a little shopping with your host mom to understand how customer-service works and differs


Observe the city life and take a look at the street style and the street scene

Visit a local restaurant to test out your new language skills and to gain more knowledge about the local gastronomy

Take note of the food brands in the grocery story that are common and popular because they might come up in conversation with the locals

Understand the value of fresh bread and that it is a huge part of the culture

Take a night drink tea and read maps and tourist guides to get situated into your new setting

Feel the city vibe

Visit the local artisans and buy some local jewels 

Get an ice cream with your new friends and know that you are in it together for the semester ahead.
It will be challenging, interesting, fun, exciting and hopefully, really delicious!

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Jaagrit Randhawa

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