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Isabella Daltoso
May 23, 2023

During my last week in Vienna, I spent a lot of time exploring The Prater, which is an amusement park. Most famously, the Prater is home to the Vienna Riesenrad, which is the oldest functioning Ferris wheel. My apartment is right next door, and we can see the attractions from our windows. Though the Prater opened fully in March, I didn’t go until my last week of term. And I went like…three or four times. What can I say? When finals have you down…thrill rides are the way to go. 

The Prater is the most affordable amusement park I have visited. There is no entrance fee, you can just walk through. The rides are individually operated, and you pay per ride. Most of the rides are in the 4-7 Euros range. Newer or more famous rides cost a bit more. 

My first Prater trip was for my friend Ellie’s birthday. We went on a variety of rides because she loves theme parks. It was a nice day, and they had just opened the water rafting ride, which was one of my favorites. We also did a giant swing ride, which had an incredible view of the city. 

During the first day of finals week, I went with a group to the Schwiezerhaus for dinner. The Schwiezerhaus is a famous beer garden in the Prater. I shared a giant Schwienshaxe (Pork knuckle) with a friend. Once our stomachs settled, we went on a few rides, including the “Olympic loop” roller coaster with five loops. It is currently the largest transportable roller coaster in the world. It was so fun! I love thrill rides…the more loops, the better! 

My next trip to the Prater was on an afternoon, between two final exams. My friend Sarah and I decided to ride the Riesenrad. It is iconic to the city, and has an incredible view. There is a small Riesenrad museum included in the ticket price (which is higher than other rides). The ride itself takes about 20 minutes, so that you have time to enjoy the view at the top. We also went to some of the shops. I am not big on touristy souvenirs for myself, but I did buy a Vienna Riesenrad t-shirt for my little brother. 

My last trip to the Prater was for my friend Kaitlyn’s birthday. A group of us went to the Rollercoaster Restaurant, which is in the park. At this restaurant, food and drinks are prepared by dancing robots, and then slide down a rollercoaster track to your table. The restaurant is known for being a great pick on birthdays, and the robots danced to a birthday song for Kaitlyn. It was a very unique experience. Kaitlyn chose our first ride, which was a cute farm themed roller coaster. Then we went on the more modern flower themed Ferris wheel, which is faster and open air. 

Living next to a theme park was an experience I will never forget, and the Prater was our place to celebrate and have fun during our last week in Vienna

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Headshot of Isabella Daltoso.

Isabella Daltoso

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