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Isabel Rameker
December 12, 2022

In honor of the end of my time in Buenos Aires and the end of 2022, here’s a little Study Abroad Wrapped from the past few months. 

Total minutes spent in Argentina: 188,700

Cities traveled to: 9


Milanesas eaten: At least one a week, so maybe 15 

Empanadas eaten: Probably close to 100 

Milk:Coffee ratio in my lattes: 4:1 

Dulce de Leche consumed: 1,600 grams

PedidosYa orders: 13 


Hours spent on the bus: 70 is my low estimate 

Times I watched the bus pass by a block away from me: Every other day 

Favorite bus route: the 101

Cabifys taken: 62

Times scolded for closing the cab door too harshly: 3


Times I confused the ‘vos’ and ‘tu’ forms: Daily 

Days it took before I started to understand the Argentine accent: 2 weeks 

Smooth restaurant orders: 2 

Major miscommunications: At least weekly 

Vocabulary growth: 80% at least

Top 10

  1. Boliche: Sunday nights at Makena
  2. Argentine food: Choripan
  3. Mode of transportation: Bus 
  4. Ice cream shop: Heladeria Esmeralda 
  5. Park: Reserva Ecológica 
  6. Study space: Recoleta Cultural Center
  7. Market: Recoleta Feria
  8. Coffee shop: Legado 
  9. Library: Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno
  10. Concert: Las Ligas Menores

Semester Takeaway: At the risk of sounding cliche, it really is okay to make a fool of yourself, to fail at things, and to do things you're not good at just because you like them. The world is big and it's beautiful, and most things that feel scary in the moment aren't quite as deep as they feel. 

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