On My Way to Madrid; What I am Leaving Behind

Ian Zunt
September 2, 2018
Some Friends :)

As my unpacked bags look back at me from across the room, I have obviously been thinking a lot about what to bring along to Madrid, but I have also been thinking about my past and all of the people and places I am leaving behind. For my first post (yay!), I want to take the time to look back on the places where I am from, along with all of those that I consider family, by blood or not. These are, of course, not the only people I hold close to my heart, but they are faces that I am used to seeing every day and that strongly represent wherever “home” is, be that Seattle, Los Angeles, or somewhere in-between. I also want to introduce my three cameras :) 

Unfortunately for my wallet, I have fallen in love with analog color photography, starting out about five years ago with a little automatic Olympus that I found in a downstairs closet of my house in Seattle. That year for Christmas I requested my Honeywell Pentax SP500, which I have been working with ever since and has given me hundreds of photos. Lastly, my brother’s ex-girlfriend (who we still love!) gifted me her old Polaroid OneStep Closeup, a black-and-white flash polaroid camera, as a graduation present. These are my three little kidlets that I am so excited to bring with me to Spain, from which most, if not all, of the photos from this semester abroad will come from!

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Ian Zunt

<p>My name is Ian Matthew Zunt, and I am from Seattle, Washington. I am currently studying Urban and Environmental Policy at Occidental College in Los Angeles, with minors in Art History and the Spanish language, and I am planning to join IES Abroad's Language and Area Studies program in Madrid this Fall semester. Coming from an arts high school in Seattle, I have realized a deep interest in all forms of art, from dancing and singing to acting and the visual arts. Through the solid presence of art in my life, I found a passion for photography, specifically with analog cameras and color film. Though I have somewhat moved away from art academically, I continue to create and to take photos for myself, taking part in local gallery shows and online sharing.</p>

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