A Candid Representation of Studying Abroad in Madrid

Ian Zunt
December 17, 2018
Final Mirror Selfie

This album is very special to me because it is a compilation of photos throughout our entire semester in Madrid. Whenever I can, I like to carry around a separate little point-and-shoot Olympus film camera, taking it out to bars and restaurants or anywhere I might need a flash.

Film photography is really bizarre- taking a photo as I would with any camera but then not being given the opportunity to dwell upon what was captured. It's liberating, but also difficult having to wait months to look back on special occasions. This waiting also makes each album very special,  forcing us to forget about these moments only to be delighted again after the film is developed.

These photos are essentially a compilation of moments in which I picked up my camera, took a photo, and put it back down, only to be revisted now after the program has ended. I feel very thankful for the opportunity to work as a blogger for IES Abroad this semester, as each of these posts somehow feels like another journal entry, functioning to capture and record my experiences and all of the amazing people I hope to see again someday. From my first experience with tapas to a surprise sparkler at Habiba's 21st birthday party two days before our program ended, this album represents a more candid and momentary portrayal of my three months abroad.

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Ian Zunt

<p>My name is Ian Matthew Zunt, and I am from Seattle, Washington. I am currently studying Urban and Environmental Policy at Occidental College in Los Angeles, with minors in Art History and the Spanish language, and I am planning to join IES Abroad's Language and Area Studies program in Madrid this Fall semester. Coming from an arts high school in Seattle, I have realized a deep interest in all forms of art, from dancing and singing to acting and the visual arts. Through the solid presence of art in my life, I found a passion for photography, specifically with analog cameras and color film. Though I have somewhat moved away from art academically, I continue to create and to take photos for myself, taking part in local gallery shows and online sharing.</p>

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