Fotos de Bilbao y San Sebastián

Ian Zunt
October 23, 2018
Beach in San Sebastián

During what I believe was our second weekend of the program, we all took a bus up to the northern cities of Bilbao and San Sebastián. Though these cities are located within Spain, they have a unique history of Separatism, maintaining their origins in El País Vasco (Basque country).

I prefer portraiture photography-- as may be clear in this post-- but these cities pulled my lens toward horizons and vanishing points unlike any other place has. Though Bilbao had a similarly relaxed energy as San Sebastián, the two cities felt very different. Walking across its many bridges and broad streets, Bilbao felt much more classicly European with a blend of extravagant and stark/modern architecture. In comparison, as I hope is visible in the photos, San Sebastián felt a bit differently with its stretches of beaches and relaxed, paradisiacal setting.

Looking forward to sharing my next couple blog posts of my photos from Toulouse, Barcelona, and a few more from the streets of Madrid!

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Ian Zunt

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