Houda El Joundi
September 17, 2014

I have been waiting for this ever since I realized that Johnny and Sid originated from you ,and that God save the Queen was about none other than your Queen, and that the Pistols’ sharpie scheme was made for the Kingdom to which you belong.

Of course, some may say that the Sex Pistols lyrics’ were already as explicit as punk rock had commissioned for, but you can understand that the 15 year-old teenage rebel that I thought I was, was too preoccupied with the rainbow Mohawks and nonchalantly unmatched converses to pay attention to Johnny Rotten’s spit-soundin’ words -English was still somewhat of a foreign concept to me back then…I came a long way, I know. Anyways, it did take me a few years to get over the beat, and myself to be quite honest. Gone were my dreams of settling down in Camden Town and getting fake piercings in all the parts of my body that were visible to the naked eye-Thank God I was terrified of needles. Alas, all what was left of my difficult years was the memory of a great era, a surprisingly broad insight on punk rock culture, and a fascination for a city I hoped to one day explore.

So, you can imagine my current state of mind as I am only a few days away from landing at the heart of you. There is a lot of apprehension, a lot more excitement, and a heck load of stacking up on snacks-Just taking advantage of the Moroccan currency while I can.

But hey, I will sure let you know how it goes. It’ll be almost as if you were there with me.

Cheerio ;)

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Houda El Joundi

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