La Finca Daysi

Holly Callahan
April 13, 2015

This Sunday my host mom took Mariana, Sammy and I to her cousin’s farm, Finca Daysi. Before we left for the farm, I had school work to do at La Loberia beach. We are working on mapping the populations of sea lions and marine iguanas on San Cristobal Island.

Galapagos_La Loberia_Caterpillar_Holly Callahan

On my walk there, the street was covered with these bright green caterpillars with large orange spikes on their tail ends.

Galapagos_La Loberia_Waves_Holly Callahan

The waves at the beach were HUGE and it was a beautiful morning to walk along the coast.

Galapagos_Finca_View_Holly Callahan

After the beach we ate a delicious lunch at home and it was time for the farm! We weaved through the back roads of the highlands and ended up at a beautiful farm with a view of the ocean.

Galapagos_Finca_Coffee_Holly Callahan

Finca Daysi grows coffee and has oranges, sugar cane and animals. We were given some coffee to drink and it was the best I have had in Ecuador! Our host mom has some and we make it occasionally at home. It is so good!

Galapagos_Finca_Cards_Holly Callahan

While sipping our drinks we played Cuarenta, an Ecuadorian card game. Sammy and I had learned in on our trip to the coast, but it seems like it is a little different each time.

Galapagos_Finca_Puppy_Holly Callahan

It was then time to play with the animals. They had a 4 week old puppy named Tequila that was so loving and squirmy it was impossible not to love her. This is Mariana and I in the hammock with her when she first climbed up to us!

Galapagos_Finca_Pigs_Holly Callahan

They also had piglets that were only a few months old as well. They didn’t have a mother but had been kept alive on cows milk. I never knew that was possible!

Galapagos_Finca_Horse_Holly Callahan

They also had this horse, who posed nicely for this picture.

Galapagos_Finca_Chickens_Holly Callahan

In the back near the pigs I heard a bunch of little chirping sounds and asked to see inside this little shack. The baby chicks here are so cute and are all over the streets. These chicks were a little older than some but still made the sweet chirping sounds. I told the farmer that my sister loves chicks and Mariana told him that I want to own a farm. He told me he had one for sale if I wanted, or that we could live with them!

Galapagos_Finca_Orange Tree_Holly Callahan

We had come to the farm to pick oranges, so we set off through the brush with the farm worker to the orange trees. Carlito climbed the tree and threw the oranges down for us to catch. At first he wasn’t too keen on taking us to pick oranges, but I think he even had fun watching us struggle to catch them as they fell from the tree.

Galapagos_Finca_Oranges_Holly Callahan

Here is Mariana trying to catch an orange. If you look closely, the orange is falling underneath the bag.

Galapagos_Finca_Catching Oranges_Holly Callahan

We picked so many oranges that we will have them for weeks. Look at them all near Sammy’s feet!

We are down to less than a month left of this program! Only three weekends left! Where has the time gone?

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