Praha For The Weekend! The IES Excursion Experience….

Helena Stack
July 3, 2013

This weekend we visited the beautiful Prague, Czech Republic. It was stunning. The architecture was unbelievable, and I loved every moment of this trip. I signed up for the IES trip because I didn’t feel like going through the hastle of making all the arrangements myself. Yes, sometimes it ok to be lazy.

We boarded the train at 6:45 and about 2 hours in, we get kicked off. Why? Well a tree happened to fall over the tracks somewhere down the road, so the train couldn’t possibly take us. How long does it take to move a tree?? So we get off, and thank god I was with IES because I speak the amount of German of a five year old. We find out we need to take a bus to some town, Decin, just over the boarder, and we’ll resume our journey by train. So we get crammed like sardines on a coach bus and make our way to Decin. This was actually a great way to see the country side of German and the Czech Republic, so it wasn’t too bad.

We got a tour around the Prague Castle and the old town:


The following days consisted of more sight seeing, we had the Prague card, that allowed us to see many sights for free, and eating good food. We went to one restaurant that had these beer cheese balls that I still cannot stop talking/thinking about.

Prague is a great place to visit!! If you are able to come here you definitely should!

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