Maroush-Or The Best Turkish Food You’ll Ever Experience

Helena Stack
July 3, 2013

My friend Mellisa was visiting in her layover from her study abroad program, and wanted to go eat somewhere good but cheap. So I googled “good cheap eats in Berlin” and came across this food blogger who wrote about a Turkish place called Maroush. It looked amazing so we went.

When we first got off the train at Kottbusser Tor, it was a little sketchy. We found the street and saw many people crammed on the benched of Maroush, with deliscious looking plates of food. I told Mellisa that the recommended things were a Falafel sandwich and a Chicken Shawarma, but she had her eyes on the good looking plates and asked what it was. The man said ” a Teller, you can get a Teller of anything.” Ok then, one Falafel Teller and one Chicken Shawarma we told the guy behind the counter.

The Falafel Teller was so so good! It consisted of six juicy falafel balls, a salad, fresh hummus, drizzled with olive oil, and pita bread.

The Chicken Shawarma had chicken, french fries, some salad thing, and some sauce thing (I’m sorry, I know this isn’t very helpful, but trust me, just get it).

(I’m sorry I would put up a picture, but for some reason my computer is not allowing that now….when I figure this out I will upload those pictures!)

The sandwich was 3 € and the teller was 5 €. We split everything and were more than stuffed. I only have three-ish weeks left, but I’m taking everyone there and going back a minimum of 5 times.


AdalbertstraBe 98 (Kreuzberg)

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