Making Limoncello and Suppli

Heather Buffo
December 23, 2013
I peeled several kilos of lemons for the limoncello. First, we soak the lemon zests in everclear (95% alcohol). The limoncello sits for another two or three weeks after it's been boiled. Boiled This is all the limoncello we made in it's final form after it's filtered. My Italian roommate (Elena, in the back) taught us how to make suppli, a typical Roman fried antipasto. The suppli are ready to be fried. The finished suppli are in the bowl on the right. This is what the suppli look like when we take them out of the frying oil. Suppli are rice cooked in tomato sauce wrapped around fresh mozzarella and fried.

I learned how to make limoncello at my internship with cooking classes in Rome and how to make suppli with my Italian student companion.

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Heather Buffo

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