Right in Front of Me, A Brand New Step of My Life

Hanqi Jiang
January 7, 2014

Taking a break from packing, I can’t help thinking about my upcoming journey that is about to start 12 hours later.
What in front of me right now are two suitcases waiting to be filled with my clothes, my camera, my notebooks and my new start in Freiburg, Germany.

“You gonna have a great time in Europe!” my parents said to me. “Yes, for sure!”, I smiled and nodded without thinking as the gorgeous scenes of the black forrest, the Alps flashed through my head.
But I know what I didn’t and couldn’t tell them is that there are some complicated feelings stuck in my innermost as well. Even though this is not my first time going study abroad (I’ve studied in the States for more than two years as an international student), to be honest, I’m still feeling a little bit nervous. It reminds me of my first arrival at school two years ago. Carrying two huge suitcases, I did not know where my dorm was or whom to ask for help. I felt so lost…

What in front of me is 6-month study abroad experience with many unknowns. I do not know whom I will meet, what kind of challenge I will face, how is the food over there, how is my dorm gonna be, or what sceneries I will see along my journey.
However, what I know for sure is that: there will be unknowns, and there will be treasure, too; there will be challenges, and there will harvest, too; there will be time I feel lost and lonely, and there will be time I feel so proud of myself growing stronger, too.

As I wrote my excitements and my anxieties down, I feel much clearer and more confident about things right in front of me. It’s a journey of overcoming unknowns and challenges, exploring the world and myself; a journey of being bold, being tough and being grateful; a brand new step of my life.

Shanghai, China
2:04PM, Jan. 7th, 2014

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