10 Apps You Can't Travel Without

Hannah Geller
April 20, 2018

After traveling for 12 days in a country I've never been to nor speak the language of, I learned through trial and error which apps are necessary and which ones just take up space. For me, this is the ultimate list of the apps I cannot travel without-- they are all free, eco-friendly, and do not require data. Hopefully this list helps your next trip run as smoothly as possible!


  • Search for all buses, trains, planes through this 1 app.

  • Has your ticket confirmations available offline so it doesn't use data + no print out necessary

  • Can buy your tickets immediately while you’re running late to catch the train


  • Like GoEuro, also has your upcoming reservations offline. Can purchase through app directly even the day of, so it's perfect for last minute planners.

  • Can search with filters to find the perfect fit for your budget, location, etc.


  • Directions. Real time. Your language.

  • Helps you maneuver the public transportation system in any country (I've used it in Israel, England, and Italy)

Google Translate

  • DON’T SKIP THIS ONE. Did you know you can download languages ahead of time and translate anything offline?? Simple. Press the download button while you’re still on wifi and enjoy :) Now you can communicate with any local at the click of a button.

  • Also its voice and camera options are usually pretty reliable.

Google Maps

  • You can save your own city specific maps with places you wanna see. So if you find yourself with extra free time in a city and don’t know what to do, just open the app and see what saved locations are nearby. Then you are 1 click away from directions.

Gett Taxi

  • Like Uber for various cities abroad. Benefits include splitting price with other users using the app. See if it works in your city before downloading!


  • Another eco-friendly app! Sometimes GoEuro will present FlixBus options, but you’ll have to actually purchase through FlixBus, so your reservation can’t be pulled up on GoEuro. But on the FlixBus app, it can! No data needed which is an added bonus.

Google Docs

  • Ok at this point you can probably tell I’m a tad bit in love with Google. For the person who always needs to know all the details, this one’s for you. Once again you can access everything offline. So when your data is acting up and directions aren’t working, you can pull up the address of your hostel and just ask a local.

  • Also a wonderful way to update your food bucket list in real time. :)


  • For those long plane, train, and bus rides. Download podcasts and listen offline whenever and wherever for free. There are so many to choose from. I’ve been enjoying Oprah’s Super Soul podcasts, but that’s just me. WARNING: you may cry on said public transportation if you choose to listen to Oprah podcasts.

  • Android only app, though many options exist for iOS.

Google Photos

  • Last Google service, I swear. I like google photos because at the end of the day when I connect back to wifi, I can seamlessly backup all photos to this unlimited cloud service. Then the next morning when I’m on my way to a different city I can go through and delete to make more room for the next day’s adventures.

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