Haley Wilhelm
November 25, 2014

18.03 Uhr

I sit at my desk writing postcards to my family… I’m young and broke, so I don’t think many gifts will be making their way to the states on my behalf this Christmas, so I hope that postcards will suffice.

I just spent the weekend exploring the city of Stuttgart—both the capital of Baden-Württemberg and a really good time. Upon arrival on Friday night, Anna and I made our way to our AirBNB accommodation in the middle of the city. I couldn’t recommend AirBNB more… it’s more affordable than a hotel, more convenient than a hostel, and usually a lot of fun. This time around we stayed in an apartment with a group of college-aged boys. Although our accommodation resembled couch surfing more than we had expected, it didn’t disappoint. We left this morning with invites to come back in December to play more Tischkicker, or foosball, and party again!

On Friday night we enjoyed dinner at a café called Einstein. The name didn’t quite match the French food and atmosphere, but it was delish. Afterwards, we accidentally stumbled into Stuttgart’s red-light district. The flashing lights were inviting from afar, but upon closer inspection we made a quick turn around. Some interestingly dressed ladies, an abundance of hearts, and hoards of men should have clued us in sooner, but you live and you learn. We made our way quickly across a few streets, far, far away where we found Ciba Mato.

I’ve been to a nice bar or two in Chicago, but this was next level. The bartenders dressed in suits and ties, moving around each other in a dance as they muddled mint and iced Moscow Mules. Feeling both like children and adults in the swanky atmosphere, Anna and I decided to order some drinks. Upon receiving the bill, we calculated that at our local bar in Freiburg we could have purchased nearly forty drinks for the price of our six, but it’s vacation, right?

Of course, I made a pit stop at the Porsche Museum on Saturday. I came home with a Porsche… on a postcard. That’ll suffice for now! In the museum, I could only think of the stacks of Excellence my brother had when I was growing up… although I am sure he still has them in storage somewhere. I missed him as a listened to the audio guide and imagined cruising the Autobahn in a 911. At the end of the tour, I sat in a 2014 Boxster S… I have to wait until I am twenty-seven to actually take a Porsche out on the tracks at the museum, but I’ll be back.


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Haley Wilhelm

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