Berlin Calling

Haley Wilhelm
October 2, 2014

13.02 Uhr

I finally understand the dichotomy of blogging. I started a blog because I expected my life to become quite a bit more exciting, but now that my life is so, I find it’s hard to create the time to blog. Seeing how I have rejected my blog for far too long, I vow to sit at my desk now and explore exactly what has happened in the last week… or two.

It is now the Wednesday of my first week of classes. I’ll admit, being lectured to in German is often exhausting and a bit confusing, but it’s certainly fine-tuning my listening skills. My professors are all incredibly vibrant and passionate about their teachings, so I look forward to the rest of the semester.

I just returned from a week’s stay in Berlin. What a city! I fancy myself pretty adaptable, but I won’t deny that I’m a suburban girl through and through. I am used to riding in cars and on bikes when the weather is nice, but public transportation is less than satisfactory in my two homes, Indiana and California. In Berlin, public transportation, or öffentliche Verkehrsmittel is incredible. As a foodie, I researched various restaurants and with the help of Yelp reviews found the best eats. Not in the neighborhood? No worries! There was always a tram, a bus, or an underground train to get me to my destination.

Some of the restuarants I would highly recommend to others include Bar Raval, Daniel Brühl’s tapas restaurant in Kreuzberg. I had read about it long before coming to Germany, so you can only imagine my excitement as I walked through the door… no Daniel siting, but the garlic prawns… Yum. I also had a lot of luck with a great spot in Prenzlauer Berg called Gemüse Kebap. Kebap is a Turkish specialty popular throughout Germany, but Berlin is certainly home to the best kebap around. Google pictures and then get yourself to Berlin for a taste. You certianly won’t be disappointed. I ate at Gemüse Kebap three days in a row… if that’s not evidence enough, I don’t know what is. Now, for the best German food in town, or atleast in the neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg, it’s all about zum Schusterjungen. I had the Rinderrouladen, essentially a steak rolled around a filling of pickles, onions, and bacon. It’s rich, it’s hearty, and it’s very German. I won’t be eating it often, but when I do… Delicious!

All in all, I highly recommend seeing Berlin. It’s a city unlike any other I have really experienced. Berlin is international in a way that is so apparent, and not in a China Town or Little Italy way. Rather, in Berlin, I find that every street is dotted with various ethnic restaurants, people on the street are speaking so many different languages, and Berlin is busting at the seams with culture. There is a scene for everyone in Berlin and I felt that no scene was entirely off limits. I think my appreciation for Berlin comes out of my excitement to experience a world unlike my own.

I have to say, if you are looking for some positive energy in your life, travel. Traveling excites a part of you that you really didn’t know was there, whether it’s an interest in tasting new foods or simply a new willingness to face challenges light-heartedly, I think travel brings out the best in people. It’s another reminder that life stretches far beyond the routines we set for ourselves, far beyond our own imaginings. Travel might just be the last great surprise.


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